Westport Windriders

In the Beginning . . .
 A Brief History of the Westport Windriders Kite Club

 By Marla Miller

In 1987, Richard Soulier and Jeri Joyner, owners of the Pic-A-Patch Kite Shop in Westport, organized the Westport Windriders Kite Club so that kite enthusiasts could get together, talk about their adventures in flying and introduce others to this great endeavor.

Some of the original members were Al and Cheryl Axton, Darrel and Connie Wiltman, Larry and Jan Sweet, Connie and Rick Hale, Chuck Reese, Creda Clark and Sonny and Pat Kersh.  The group was later joined by Shannon Beardsley and master parafoil maker Doug Hagaman and his wife Jody.

Time, as well as kites, flew by and soon it was 1991 when Ron and I got hooked on this great sport and joined the ranks of the Windriders.  From 1995 until 2007, Bary Crites had the distinction of holding the office of President of the Westport Windriders he did a great job and his efforts were very much appreciated.  I (Marla Miller) was elected to the office in 2007 and hope to help the club regain some of its former glory.

Our group, like many clubs, has had its ups and downs when it comes to membership enrollment.  Its time for an upswing in the kite club market.


As you can see, the club history article is brief, very brief. We would like you to help us fill in the blanks.  Send us your recollections of Westport Windriders historical happenings so that we can add them to our website.  Pictures are great too preferably with captions.  Send your memories to

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