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The Westport Windriders Kite Club has been involved in the Adopt-a-highway program with the State of Washington since 2000. We have a 2 mile stretch of SR 105 in Grayland, from mile post 26 to the south to mile post 28 to the north and Westport Windriders signs are located at each of the mile posts mentioned.

Almost every active member of our club has come out to volunteer at one time or another. Generally we have anywhere from 8 to 12 volunteers, so it doesn’t take long to do the job (and you don’t have to pick up dead critters). We try to have the activity beginning at 9:00 AM on a club meeting Saturday about three times a year. We meet at the Church on SR 105, just south of mile post 28.

Doing this service for the State and local Community can give one a warm fuzzy feeling and it only take a couple hours each time we clean the road. When we are cleaning the road, people will drive by and yell “Thank You”.

The State of Washington issues a newsletter and they have a brochure of Safety Tips to insure our Safety.

If anyone would like to join us and want more information, please contact Joan Councilman (253) 380-8087 or Al Councilman (253) 732-3921

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